How do I get my book reviewed?

See our submissions page for details.

Who writes the reviews?

The current reviewers are Levi Sherman and Eric Morris-Pusey. If you are interested in writing for ABR, please get in touch.

Do you ever write negative reviews?

We write fair, honest (and subjective) reviews. Our mission is to promote the appreciation of artists’ books, and connect artists with readers who will enjoy their work. As fellow artists, we treat people how we want to be treated.

Is there anything you don’t review?

Probably not, but feel free to email us first if you’re concerned.

Where do the reviews go?

The full reviews will be published on this site. We share highlights on Instagram, at www.instagram.com/abreviews/.

We work diligently to find and grow the audience for artists’ books, and hope to expand to other platforms as this endeavor evolves.

If your book is featured on another online platform that supports reviews, send us a link and we’ll post there too.

Do you keep the books?

Yes, and we cherish them dearly. Eventually, we hope to curate, exhibit and teach from the collection.

We do offer a limited number of subsidized reviews, in which case the book is returned to the artist.

Do you review digital books?

Yes, we will review artists’ books that exist in digital form. However, we won’t extrapolate from a digital facsimile or ARC to write about a physical book.

Can publishers or dealers send books?

Yes. Our reviews include photos, so make sure you have the artist’s permission to reproduce images of their work.

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